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With summer right around the corner, I finally pulled the trigger on linen bedding for our bedroom. It was the perfect push for a spring reset to get our bedroom feeling more zen and peaceful. So I wanted to share a few things I did that are easy hacks to make your bedroom feel as relaxing as a spa. (I also still haven’t shared my full bedroom but linking to almost everything below!)

This throw blanket was a birthday present… from me to me. 😂 I had my eye on it for what felt like forever! Love the print and colors on the bed, couch, really anywhere!

Our view is probably my favorite thing about the house. Love all the light that comes in throughout the day, but especially at sunset!



There’s nothing like a new set of sheets! I had been wanting linen sheets for years, but every time I felt a set of linen sheets in store like at Target or something it always felt kind of stiff. I’d been hearing about these forever and finally tried them out and now I get the linen craze. They are sooooo soft and cozy! Make me want to stay in bed forever! (They have over 80k 5 star reviews plus they are labeled with the size and sides of the sheets – it’s the little things that I appreciate the most haha. Use code: ANDREW20 to get $20 towards your order.)


While we’re talking linens, let’s talk color scheme. There’s nothing I love more than a pretty palette to bring a relaxing, clean energy to a space! I’ve usually kept my bedding all white and neutral, but with these sheets you can actually mix and match different colors for the sheets, duvets, shams, etc. So I decided to mix a cream and white and love how it came together! It feels really high-end and expensive and I love the neutrals tones together. They have tons of pretty colors that all look good together – I think keeping a neutral or at least muted color palette goes a long way in bringing that spa mood to the bedroom.


Candles are a must for me. I love having candles lit throughout the house and get so excited to try a new candle or burn a new scent for the season. I just got this AM-PM candle set and they set the perfect vibe throughout the day – they have a candle ‘Wake’, ‘Magic Hour’, ‘Dusk’, and ‘Nightcap’. I love the scents and they aren’t too feminine or masculine – so perfect for a shared bedroom (and on sale 10% off + $20 off with code: ANDREW20).  I also just bought this candle again after I got down to the end of my last one – one of my favorite! Also love this fig scented candle and this lime and basil scented candle.


This is one of those little luxuries that goes a long way. I love everything by this brand, but especially their fabric spray. I always use it on our sheets – it’s the best scent and makes me feel like we’re in a hotel. One of the best ways to make your room feel relaxing! I’ll even spray it on our couches and chairs for a spring cleaning boost. Another tip I found to keep my sheets and bed smelling fresh is to wash them with some essential oils like this lavender one.


Last but not least, it’s hard to top a pretty vase of flowers. Peony season just started so I can’t wait to get some fresh blooms on my nightstand – this faux arrangement is the perfect solution between fresh flower days thought – one of my favorite purchases for the room.
How do you make your bedroom feel like a spa? Let me know in the comments below! ❤️

xx, Christine

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