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And we’re off!! The beach has been calling our name! Travel style always means comfy style – I bought this cute tie-dye tee but always freeze on the plane so it’s the sweatshirt travel style life for me haha. Also loooove these APL sneakers! It’s my second  pair, but first one in this style. I know I’m late to the game but I am obsessed with these ones. So comfortable and love the speckled detail on the sole! I’ve had these biker shorts for a year now and they are hands down my favorite – you guys are probably sick of seeing them 🙈 but the ribbing is so soft and comfortable – seriously the best and under $100! Also using this yellow bag again – I think I found my new go-to travel bag. It’s huuuuge and fits pretty much everything you could possibly need for the flight. (It’s also a really comfortable plush material and really comfortable to carry around the airport.)
A lot of recents DM’s from you guys have been about a few Ollie/travel-related things so I thought it would be a good to answer in a post with some of the common ?’s and some of my tips.

Most genius invention ever. It’s a mix between a trike and a stroller and perfect for toddlers, both while traveling or at home running errands, going on walks, etc. It folds up so you can fit it in a backpack it comes with. We didn’t have anything like this when Beckam. It’s a must! (Also make a great gift since it’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s worth every penny.) If your baby is younger the Doona stroller that converts from a stroller to a carseat was a FAVE of ours too. We loved both Doona products.

Almost all airlines will let you take an infant (under 2) without making you purchase a separate ticket for them. The only catch is no ticket = no seat so they have to sit on your lap for the duration of the flight. After Ollie turned one he stopped falling asleep in my arms, so I usually decide whether I get him a seat or not depending on how long the flight is. For flights under 2 hours I’ll usually just have him sit on my lap and not spring for another ticket. For flights over 2 hours, I’ll get Ollie his own ticket so I can bring his car seat so he’ll be able to take a nap during the flight.

Which brings me to this point – bringing a car seat on the plane. I was surprised at how many DMs/comments I got that some of you didn’t know you could bring a car seat on the plane. A lot of people will check or gate-check their car seats but you 100% can take them on the plane. It makes naps sooo much easier when traveling – especially with long flights.

This is a random one, but so many flights don’t have milk on the plane anymore. So don’t forget to bring milk on longer flights.

Ollie is still so intrigued with snacks, I always bring lots of snack options over toys. Especially when your landing and taking off, something they can suck on or chew helps their ears pop.

Okay a lot of times were late 😂 But even when we aren’t I never board first. It’s more time your child has to sit in their seat. It definitely takes a second to get settled with kids but if your traveling with someone maybe have one person go on first and get seat set up and put stuff away while the other tries to get as much energy out of your little one as you can.

I think one of the biggest things, especially with long flights is managing expectations. Your child might cry and that’s ok. But kids pick up on our stress so if your freaking out it will only stress them out more. 90% of the time people are super understanding and you’re probably more worried about it then they are. I always have an emergency treat in case all else fails, but I try to save it as a last resort. For Ollie it’s suckers or mints 🙂
Hope this helps a little! I know some people ask if I’m glad we travel with the kids and the answer is 100%. Some of my favorite memories ever are on trips. We’ve had bad flights, but once you get to your spot and get to make the memories you will quickly forget and enjoy the family time!
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XX, Christine

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