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For the first time I can remember, I’m actually feeling ahead of the curve with Christmas shopping this year. I still have a few people left on my list – it seems like every year it’s the same few that are the hardest to shop for haha. A lot of you guys have said the toughest people to shop for are parents/in-laws so I wanted to put together a few of my favorite gift ideas for parents. I feel like with parents, they’ve usually accumulated enough ‘stuff’ over the years so I like to focus less on tangibles and more on experiences or services that will make their life just a little easier. I feel like the excitement of experiences usually beats the excitement of just having something to open so I love the idea of more experience or service-focused gifts, plus they usually make for more unique gift ideas you maybe have thought of before.

SimpliSafe: My parents are building a house right up the street from us so they’ll be splitting time between Montana and Utah. I wanted to get them a security system for their new house so they could have peace of mind while they are away. After doing a little digging, I landed on SimpliSafe – it gets amazing reviews, and has options to protect everything from burglary to water damage, freeze, and more. The install is super easy (which is a must because the last thing I wanted to do is give my dad another chore when he’s so busy already). It’s also a super clean look so it blends in with decor. Plus, it’s easy to use – you can control everything right from your phone. (While I was researching, the SimpliSafe reviews won me over and I actually ended up getting a system for me and Cody too since I have been so annoyed with our current alarm system lately 😂). They have been running sales off and on throughout December – The Haven (the package I ordered) is on sale for 40% off right now. (And no contracts, ever! Which is super nice).

Take luxury to the next level and organize and in-home massage for your parents. There’s nothing more relaxing than rolling out of a massage bed and into your own bed after a long day. Cody and I have used Zeel before – you can select what type of massage, what pressure, etc to make sure you get a massage you’ll love. One year I actually got Cody a massage table for Christmas one year so we could do our own at-home massages so it could work as a good gift ideas for your S/O too.

Walmart+/Grocery Subscription: One of my most used services (I literally use it multiple times a week haha) is my grocery delivery subscription. I use Walmart+ and Target Same Day Delivery and they are probably the single best investment I’ve made this year based on how often I use it. It saves so much time going back and forth from the store, especially when I realize I forgot an ingredient, and has ended up being the move convenient thing ever. Love this idea for parents – another thing you know will make their life a little easier that doesn’t end up gathering dust on a shelf.

Nothing gets me feeling more frazzled than a messy house so I always look forward to when we have someone come deep clean our house.  I feel like whenever I attempt to do it myself, by the time I finish cleaning one room, the last one is already a mess haha. Give your parents an extra special treat and splurge on a cleaning service or gift card so they can schedule a deep clean – maybe after your kids have been at their house over the holidays, before they are hosting a get together, or just to catch up after the busy holiday season. If you don’t think a professional cleaning service is their cup of tea, this UV sanitizing wand is a great way to give the same clean feel that they can use for years to come.

Vrbo Trip together: There have been multiple years where instead of tangible gifts, my parents have taken our whole family on a trip. It always ends up being one of my favorite gifts, so we ended up going the same a few years. Those trips have been some of my favorite family memories together and it’s a gift you’ll remember for years to come. Nothing beats making new memories together ❤️. We love Vrbo for family trips, especially to be able to have game nights or movie night all in the same space instead of splitting up into individual hotel rooms. For something they can open, a Vrbo gift card is a great idea.

Plan an epic date night for your parents that they will remember for years. It could be tickets to a cool event in their area, a gift card to a new restaurant they would love, or you can jump on Tripadvisor to get some ideas for creative activities in your area that are outside the box. Cody and I love doing new things together but sometimes we all need a little push to actually make it happen. For a date night that doesn’t require as much planning, you could get a cute date night in a box – something seasonal like this one or this cold-case mystery box for the crime podcast lovers.
If you guys have any other gift ideas for parents that don’t add to the clutter, leave them below in comments for other ideas for people.
XX, Christine
*In collaboration with SimpliSafe.

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